About Rockatee Design

What is Rockatee?

Rockatee is a one-woman web and graphic design studio located in Hamburg, Germany.

I design functional, aesthetically demanding, and user-centric websites.

I also create illustrations, graphics, and icons.

Who do I Work With?

Ideally I work with small businesses or single persons. Smaller projects allow me to get involved on a much more personal level. I get to know the person I work with, can accurately determine the business objectives and work out an efficient strategy that accomplishes these goals succesfully.

To give you a better idea of what I mean by small, here are some examples:

  • startups
  • web application site
  • desktop application site
  • personal blog
  • local businesses who need their brand extended to the online world
  • professional/commercial blog
  • church sites
  • schools
  • small online shop
  • graphic design elements (icons, illustrations, etc.)
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface) for a web and mobile application

About Me

A Portrait of myself

That's me. My name is Maleika Esther Attawel, and I was born in the beautiful Metropole, Hamburg, Germany.

I have a great passion for everything and anything that has to do with design. But I also love good code, so what better medium to choose than that of web design?

I do have hobbies outside the internet. That sounds mighty crazy, doesn't it? Those include literature, history (predominantly ancient), watching British comedy such as BlackAdder, Jeeves & Wooster, A bit of Fry and Laurie, Fawlty Towers, and French & Saunders. I also like old things. Vintage things. They need not be cool. Just old.

Advanced Education

Latin & Greek Philology, Philosophy, and English Literature at the University of Hamburg.

I do not have formal training in design. I started to delve into the world of design in the year 2000. That's ten years ago. I'm 100% self-taught and have been creating professional designs since 2005.